Barrington Pre-K

229 Trenton Ave, Barrington, NJ 08007

Goals & Objectives of Barrington Pre-K

 1. To stimulate the development of communication skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading).

 2. To develop a positive self-concept & awareness of the child's own identity.

 3. To develop a basic understanding of number relationships.

 4. To foster physical coordination, physical development of large & small muscles, safety & health habits, & acceptable outlets for emotions. 

 5. To stimulate awareness of the child's physical environment & geographical relationships.

 6. To encourage the social skills of working, playing & learning together by providing experiences with other children  of similar ages.

 7. To develop a basic awareness of the child's social & cultural environmental (heritage, manners, customs).

 8. To stimulate the child's ability to think, to express and create through art, music, storytelling, role playing & visual experiences.

 9. To foster creativity through learning experience, spontaneous play & self-expression.

10. To provide  a warm, supportive environment conducive to the child's growth & development.

11. To develop awareness of the five senses.

12. To encourage independence, self-reliance, initiative, curiosity, perseverance & sense of responsibility.

13. To supplement the child's experience at home.